IDIOMES MACDAID colabora con el centro FOYLE LANGUAGE SCHOOL de Derry (Irlanda del Norte) para la realización de cursos de inglés en países de habla inglesa.



Studying in Languages Macdaid is an experience that goes far beyond the conventional learning. When classes finish we offer you a myriad of alternatives: trips to the United Kingdom and Ireland, concerts, theatre in English, free conversation classes, parties....  Experiences that show you that learning English is fun. Each year our students of English have the fantastic change to travel to countries with us to English-speaking countries to improve their skills of the language.

School travels :

Adults and teenagers: Languages Macdaid collaborates with the Foyle Language School Centre. Our students have the possibility of taking English courses in the city of Derry, in North Ireland. There is great flexibility on the duration of the courses; in addition the company offers accommodation in their  or with foster families. Some students may even work in Ireland of the North while studying English and the school may find work to part-time students.diomas Macdaid colabora con el centro Foyle Language School.

Children: Our students have the possibility of spending two fantastic weeks in United Kingdom thanks to our collaboration with Camp Beaumont, a complex of summer camps scattered across England where children learn English playing and getting to know other children of different nationalities having to communicate in English.


City breaks with languages Macdaid:

In addition to the courses in foreign languages Macdaid students have the opportunity to join our trips of short duration in Ireland and United Kingdom. These trips of 4 or 5 days allow our students to improve their English, know the culture of various regions and enjoy a well-deserved holiday in good company. The next destination of our adventures is Northern Ireland .

Free conversation classes:

We regularly offer free conversation classes in our school. These classes are a perfect complement to improve English with other people. They are appointed for current students of Languages Macdaid.